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As a Mentor, I work with teams and individuals to create quality learning experiences.

As a Learning Architect, I work to design integrated learning environments.

As an educationalist, I work to promote best-quality, integrated, universal Lifelong Learning

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My GOAL is to raise awareness of quality in Online and Distance Learning.

By integrating formal, non-formal, on-demand and experiential learning we can ensure that learners achieve the results they desire, companies are sure of the outcomes of the learning and institutions develop lifelong confident learners.

I believe that getting the quality right in our courses is the ultimate proof that we care; for our content and our technology but most of all for our learners.  

 Through knowledge of integrated learning, its management and quality assurance I will:

  • Raise awareness and champion Quality in all forms of Online Distance Learning.
  • Mentor teachers, tutors and trainers to create a Quality Culture building, supporting and maintaining Online Distance Learning.
  • Encourage the use of communities of practice, social learning and knowledge banks to facilitate serendipitous discovery. 
  • Provide advice, guidance and practical help to companies wishing to build integrated learning resources.

Mentor/Coach the development of Quality Online Learning:

  • Guide construction, content, assessment, course management, staff and student support.
  • Provide honest, constructive feedback upon the quality of the course and administration.
Mentoring expertise from outside the company will bring new ways of looking at problems and provide an impartial sounding board to unstick projects and encourage positive change. 

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Nurturing growth

Inspire Project teams, IT Teams and Teaching Teams through presentations on key aspects of Integrated Lifelong Learning

Experienced in presentations from conferences to small groups I am happy to talk on many aspects of Integrated Learning from concept, through quality presentation and structured maintenance, to the successful achievement of the desired learning outcomes. 

Focusing upon specific concerns and group topics gives the opportunity to collaborate, reflect and develop collective thinking: bringing fresh outlooks to the work at hand.

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Presentation to inspire team

Design Learning Architecture

Designing learning environments that 

  • facilitate integrated learning interactions, 
  • encourage independent learners, 
  • capture and exchange knowledge.

Having a well-constructed, integrated learning environment develops from a Quality Learning Culture built across the organisation.

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Architect considering design

 Use our expertise to bring Quality to:

  • Integrate learning environments
  • Learning opportunities 
  • Online Learning Projects
  • Champion change


  • Blended Learning  
  • Online and Distance Learning
  • Continuing Professional Development 
  • Personal Learning Environments 
  • Learning Systems, staff and students


Our definition of Mentoring/Coaching

Sharing enthusiasms and looking for possibilities. 

Listening and questioning to understand the need.  

Caring and supporting to enable long-term gaining of skills and potential. 

Providing encouragement for growth, development and independence. 


Just giving a helping hand!