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TOLDCº   Helping you to e-learn


Our GOAL is to guide and support quality in Online and Distance Learning.

TOLDCº is owned by Peter Condon:

"I believe that achieving and maintaining the right quality in our courses is the ultimate proof that we care for our learners."  


How do we know the quality of our courses?

How do we engage our learners?

How do we hear the student’s voice?

How do we ensure the course is up to date?

How do we ensure that interactivity works now; in the future?

How do we take account of changing requirements?

How do we cope with teacher changes?

e-Learning expertise for you to take advantage of:

Peter is Head Trainer at the LANETO Academy and the e-learning quality focus group epprobate where he writes and presents e-learning courses on quality in e-learning.   

A certified Quality Assessor of e-learning courseware and courses, Peter is experienced in e-learning: project management, design and development, communities of practice, quality management and maintenance.

Peter is available for consultancy or mentoring:


                 Knowledge to help you e-Learn 

  • Guide construction, content, assessment, course management, staff and student support.
  • Provide honest, constructive feedback upon the quality of the course and administration.
  • Your company - your needs

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Nurturing growth

  • ADDIE and managing the project
  • Ensuring quality and structured maintenance
  • Scaffolding and learner development
  • Understanding the return on your investment

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Presentation to inspire team

  • Facilitate integrated learning interactions, 
  • Encourage independent learners, 
  • Capture and exchange knowledge

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Architect considering design